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Proudly Serving Vancouver Island for over 100 Years

One of the City's Oldest Bakeries 

At Sidney Bakery we have been moving our buns for 108 years.The Bakery has been in the same family for 68 years - proudly using the same recipes today as as in 1944.


We make a wide range of breads, buns, pastries and cakes for all occasions.  We do retail and whole sale.


Delivery Service

Our goodies straight to your door

We care about the safety of our vulnerable clients and have been taking action on the latest health and safety precautions during the COVID-19 lockdown.   


You can now make your order online for either pick up and delivery.   

Order Now

Our Goodies

We're famous in the city for our gooey 

cinnamon rolls, our powdered donuts and our flakey butter croissants

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